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The History of Herbalism

The History of Herbalism


The term Herbalism is defined as “the use of herbs for medicinal purposes”. People around the world have been using the plant’s components to treat human diseases. Although, it has not been able to treat all of the illnesses of humanity, it is widely used for many conditions; especially in the Western part of the world. In 2001, researchers identified 122 compounds used in mainstream medicine which were derived from "ethnomedical" plant sources; and 80% of these compounds were used in the same or related manner as the traditional ethnomedical use. (Fabricant DS, Farnsworth NR, March 2001, Environ Health Perspect. 109 Suppl 1: 69–75.) In conclusion it is safe to say that many drugs used now have a plant extract of some kind of herb. The use of plant’s extracts in treating people can be traced back to the Old Days of The Middle ages throughout Mesopotamia, China, India, Greece, Rome, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the South Pacific.

But before you embark on using herbs to treat yourself, you must know its chemical components, because just like modern pharmaceutical medicine everything may carry a serious effect to your body.  There are many resources and books out there where you can look into so that you may further educate yourself. Remember, knowledge is attained by opening up our minds to the wonders of this planet.

Modern Medicine vs. Herbalism basically equals to Non-industrialized countries vs. Industrialized countries. In the non-industrialized countries it is not looked down upon if a person opts to use herbs to treat their conditions, which in the latter, it is frowned upon! Why is that? Here at o24holistic.com we are not going to go into debate as to the many whys of this country; but are only here to help shed some light and to help you. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, approximately 25% of modern drugs used in the United States have been derived from plants. Click on the following link for more information: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets

 So as we can see, herbal medicine is slowly but surely overcoming modern medicine in its own way, and for that we appreciate all of the hard work scientists are currently doing in order to find cures for the more serious diseases like, Cancer and AIDS; amongst many others. The makers of o24 have combined the healing properties of various herbs into one great pain reliever to make it easier to use, as opposed to buying the essential herbal oils individually and using them one by one. Please visit our testimonials page to read some success stories!