Pain Reliever

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o24 Q&A

  1. What is o24 Pain Reliever?

    024 Pain Reliever is a 100% all-natural topical solution.

  2. What is o24 Pain Reliever used for?

    Our o24 pain reliever is used for long lasting pain relief associated with the following:

    • Muscle and Joint Pain
    • Arthritis
    • Rheumatoid Conditions
    • Muscular Spasms
    • Inflammation due to Sports Activities/Injuries
    • Physical Stress/Pain Associated with Back Pain
  3. What are the ingredients of o24 Pain Reliever?

    1. White Camphor Oil
    2. Eucalyptus Oil
    3. Aloe Vera
    4. Peppermint Oil
    5. Rosemary Oil
    6. Lemon Oil
    7. Orange Oil

    Remember: o24 Pain Reliever does not conatin any synthetic ingredients, preservaties, additives, or fillers. O24 Pain Reliever does not contain capsaicin.

  4. Where does o24 Pain Reliever Come From?

    o24 was created by a European Scientist, using a process which combines the finest of the 7 All-Natural HErbal Oils. o24 Pain Reliever has been shown to provide effective pain relief and is endorsed by many physicians, clinics, athletic organizers, and consumers throughout the world.


  5. What sets o24 Pain Reliever apart from

    o24 is made with no outside binding agents, like most products out there, which makes o24 pure and powerful. The concentration of the oils used is in a higher state therfore enhacing the effectiveness of o24 Pain Reliever. The oils used specifically are absorbed rapidly by the skin, creating the perfect atmosphere for quick results.

  6. How effective is o24 Pain Reliever?

    This product can give you up to six hours of relief depending on the degree of the pain you are experiencing. For most people the pain neutralizing efefct can be felt within five to fifteen minutes after it's initial application. The use of o24 Pain Reliever on a regualr basis creates optimum results.

    Medical and Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this product, please visit our Studies page for more information on that. In general, the use of o24 Pain Reliever in a neural surgery clinic over a period of three months which showed that it eliminated pain and swelling related to joint, muscle, and ligaments.

    A one year European study, involving over 1000 patients, looked at the results of o24 Pain Reliever use in a general surgery department. A few drops of o24 Pain Reliever were applied to the injured areas of 384 patients with uncomplicated fractures, crushes, excoriations and contusions, immediately upon arrival in the emergency room. Almost all patients confirmed immediate pain relief, and most of the patients did not experience any swelling. Except for in the case of fractures, the time needed for complete convalescence was shortened by six days.


  7. How do I apply o24 Pain Reliever?

    We offer pre-moistened towlettes and the 30ml bottle. This product can be used 3-4 times per day. Simply spray onto the affected area and gently masage the oil into the skin's pores in a circular motion. This product can also be used during massage session or physiotherapy sessions.

    Some people prefer to put one o24 Pain Reliever towlette into their running bathwater, which helps the product to be abosorbed into the whole body; we reccommend doing this before bedtime.

    If you have the 30ml bottle, then use 2-5 sprays up to 4 times a day.

    Remember, this product is all natural and if used for a prolonged time period, there is no chance of developing a tolerance or dependence on it. However, if pain persists for longer than 7 days, we suggest you contact a healthcare provider.

  8. What does o24 Pain Reliever smell like?

    This product has a very distinct smell, most would compare the smell to Camphor and Peppermint. But, if the smell does not agree with you, then be advised that it can be gently washed away, but after 20 minutes of application. This will not diminish it's healing effects.

  9. Are there any side effects?

    There have been no reports of any long-term side effects. There have been some reports of minor skin irritation and allergic reaction to the Peppermint.

  10. Can I combine o24 Pain Reliever with other Medications?

    There has been no known drug allergic interactions reported, but we do not reccommend you use o24 Pain Reliever in conjunction with other topical pain relief products.

  11. Can anyone use o24 Pain Reliever?

    o24 Pain Reliever should not be used on pregnant women, children under the age of two, or people suffering from Epilepsy. o24 Pain Reliever should not be applied to open wounds, damaged/irritated skin, eyes, or mucuos membranes.

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